"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep...He raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves...they reel to and fro and stagger like drunken sailors!" (psalm 107)

HMAS Melbourne, Aircraft Visits

Melbourne Crest

Visits to Other Ships

Gannet onboard 'USS Philippine Sea' RAN Skyhawk onboard HMS Hermes
1958, RAN Fairy Gannet onboard USS Philippine Sea - CVS 47 RAN Skyhawk onboard HMS Hermes in 1968

Visiting Aircraft

Wirlwind Seahawk
RN Whirlwind , first aircraft to use Melbourne's flight deck. RN Seahawk from HMS Bulwark, used to test flight deck gear.
RN and USN helos on deck Whirlwinds on deck
Borneo 1961, RN Wirlwind and a USN sync. rotor helo. RN Whirlwinds on deck - Exercise Pony Express 1961
US Tracker Tracket from USS Bennington
Tracker from USS Bennington for evaluation in 1962 Tracker from USS Bennington on the catapult
Skyhawk from USS <i>Bennington</i> Very Interesting
1965 - Skyhawk from USS Bennington for evaluation This Skyhawk drew plenty of "Goofers"
Painting on the Kangaroo On the Catapult
Having the mandatory Kangaroo painted on. Skyhawk from USS Bennington on the catapult.

An S2E Tracker anti-submarine aircraft of 33 Patrol Squadron USN on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne. At the time, the ship was involved in SEATO exercise Sea Devil held in the South China Sea. During the exercise, the Fleet Air Arm was conducting cross-operations with other aircraft capable of operating from HMAS Melbourne. The oportunity was taken to determine the suitability of this aircraft as a next generation replacement for the then current Gannet aircraft.

A "Birdie"" paints a kangaroo motif onto the fuselage of a USN McDonell Douglas Skyhawk A-4B fighter-bomber on the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne while another Naval Airman assists. "Branding"" of visiting aircraft was a regular practice. This aircraft, from VA113 Squadron, was conducting cross-deck operations trials from USS Bennington during SEATO exercise Sea Horse in May 1965. The RAN would later acquire A-4G models for the Fleet Air Arm.

Most Unusual Visitor from USS Bennington in 1967 (?)

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