"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep...He raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves...they reel to and fro and stagger like drunken sailors!" (psalm 107)

MV Teal

Teal was converted to a trawler in Hobart, then taken to Queensland fishing for prawn and scallop.

The plans for the conversion of ex HMAS Teal from a minesweeper (above) to a trawler were drawn by C & T Boat Plans in Brisbane and the work was done in Hobart, Tasmania.

Side elevation of the trawl deck.

Trawl deck plan.

Lower deck plan midships - new engines proposed.

Plan of accommodation.

On completion of the work at Hobart, a Certificate of Survey was issued by Navigation and Safety Authority Tasmania (NASAT) on 18th. June 1980 for the fishing vessel Teal, with the following conditions included:

1. Max number of crew (including skipper) 12.
2. Min number of crew (including skipper) 5.
3. Limits - within Tasmanian coastal waters but not more than 200 nautical miles from the coast.

Teal in Queensland

Teal moved to the Gold Coast and Marine Board Quensland (MBQ) issued a Certificate of Survey (No. 41) for restricted seagoing (class 3B) fishing vessel on 28th. February 1984 with unrestricted limits to the Queensland coast. This survey certificate was accepted by NASAT in lieu of their own until its expiry on 13 February 1985 - however additional conditions were placed on the survey certificate by NASAT:

1. Maximum crew of 12 persons.
2. Operate within all Tasmanian coastal waters but not more than 200 nautical miles to seaward from the coast.
3. Carry a fully serviced additional inflatable 6 metre liferaft.
4. Minimum crew of at least 5 persons.

Teal returns to Tasmania

In 1984 new owners converted Teal to an abalone catcher and processing vessel back in Tasmania. The try winch and trawling gear was removed, however the gallows were retained and used with a boom to lift catch boats inboard on the starboard side near the funnel. Following conversion to an abalone catcher and processing vessel, a Survey Certificate was issued by NASAT on 11th. March 1985 with the following conditions:

1. Limits within Tasmanian coastal waters but not more than 200 nautical miles seaward from the coast.
2. Max number of crew (including skipper) 18.
3. Min number of crew (including skipper) 5.

Teal was sold later in 1985 to M.G. Mason (Mason Leisure Industries) and on 26th. September 1985, the owners requested a meeting with NASAT to discuss survey requirements for the charter of the Teal for the America's Cup Challenge and the carriage of a minimum of 300 daily passengers in Western Australia. The first part of the aft superstructure was added, with toilets and a holding tank being fitted although most was open deckhead shelter with fixed seating for the purpose of passenger carrying.

A second upper awning was proposed to convert the ship to a passenger carrying charter boat with fixed upper deck seating for 198. The "Try Winch" platform, the gallows and boat lifting boom were retained.

The vessel had departed Hobart for WA under a Commonwealth Voyage Permit prior to processing a Certificate of Survey, however NASAT issued a Certificate of Survey on 4th September 1986 for:

1. 1D - to carry not more than 325 persons including 303 passengers.
2. 3B - to carry not more than 12 persons and nil passengers.
3. Limits 1D - within all Tasmanian Ports as prescribed in SR 125 of 1983.
4. Limits 3B - within Tasmanian coastal waters but not more than 200 nautical miles seaward from the coast.
5. Condition relating to stability when operating as a 1D - at wind speeds exceeding 45 knots passengers on the upper deck are not to exceed 198 (i.e. Number for which fixed seating is provided)

Teal in Western Australia

MV Teal converted to a passenger carrying vessel departing Hobart, Tasmania for Fremantle, WA, in 1986 with "Tasmania. Be Tempted" painted on the port side. MV Teal anchored at Clarence, south of Challenge Harbour, Cockburn Sound, WA.
MV Teal alongside in Fremantle, WA in November 1986 with "Tasmania. Top Spot" painted on the starboard side. She also carried the name "Grinders" in red - advertising a bar and night club in Fremantle named after another bar of the same name in Newport, Rhode Island, which is the traditional home of the America's Cup. MV Teal alongside Ocean Shipping Jetty, Jervoise Bay, about 6nm. south of Challenge Harbour, Fremantle on Cockburn Sound, WA. These starboard side views clearly show the gallows, boat davit and the dinghy stowage alongside the funnel.

Teal as a diving charter vessel in Queensland

Converting Teal to a charter passenger diving vessel for extended stay entailed closing in the existing aft superstructure, removal of the gallows and boat davit which was replaced by a telescopic hydraulic davit and tender stowage on the forecastle. 2 berth, 3 berth and 4 berth cabins with a large saloon were included in the building.

Following the America's Cup in WA, February 1987, the owners of MV Teal applied to MBQ in April for an upgraded class 1B requiring the superstructure to be enlarged to provide additional accommodation - they also requested NASAT to forward the ship's file to Queensland Harbour and Marine. In May 1987 MBQ was notification that the vessel had entered Queensland waters and was berthed at Riverside Coal Transport Wharf, Runaway Bay Marina, Southport. She then went south to Harwood, on the Clarence River, NSW for a major refit where the remainder of the superstructure and accommodation was built with a view to upgrading the ship's survey from 1D to 1B. In July 1987 the MBQ issued a "Permit to Operate" the vessel in Queensland Coastal Waters (class 1B), to carry a maximum of 48 passengers and 12 crew. In October the same year a further "Permit to Operate" was issued (class 1B). In August 1987, the Manning for Teal was determined as:

Deck Department
1. Master - Coastal Master Grade 1.
2. First Mate - Mate Grade 1.
3. Second Mate - Mate Grade 2.
Engine Room
1. First Engineer - Engineer Class 2.
2. Second Engineer - Marine Engine Driver (Motor) 1.

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